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If you have discovered Inspired Mama and are pregnant, then congratulations!

Whether you were looking specifically for hypnobirthing, or you’ve just discovered it whilst on a quest to achieve a more positive birth experience then you have come to the right place.

You may feel that everywhere you turn people want to tell you their negative birth stories, or snapshots from TV programmes and movies may be playing on your mind. It may be that you have had a traumatic experience with a previous birth, including the devastating experience of losing a baby. Any one of these things (and many other factors) can leave you feeling that there is no alternative way through this journey, except to be fearful of what is to come. 

It could also be that you don’t feel particularly anxious, but you would like to feel as calm and relaxed as possible going into labour. You may want to feel empowered to make informed choices along the way, leaving you to feel more in control of your overall birth experience -no matter where, when or how that happens.

Wherever you may fit with your feelings and experiences, my hypnobirthing classes can help support you. In addition, if you are expecting a much longed for rainbow baby I have a specially adapted course to support you.

So what is hypnobirthing, I hear you say?

I am glad you asked. Hypnobirthing is a technique to help aid fear release, relaxation, calmness and feelings of control and empowerment during pregnancy, labour and birth. It gives you the understanding and the belief that your body was designed to bring your bundle of joy into this world, and is completely underpinned by science. Whilst nobody can guarantee a perfect birth, hypnobirthing will make a difference, no matter the circumstances – hypnobirthing can make a difference even when birth takes a different course to the one you may have hoped for.

Having a healthy baby is one priority, but also the way we feel about the experience afterwards is just as important – it will stay with you for life. Many of us go into labour not realising what processes are occurring within our body, all we know is that the end result should be a baby in our arms. Actually understanding how the body works to facilitate birth, feeling empowered to make informed choices along the way and feeling actively involved in the journey is very important to how you will view your birth experience in years to come. If this is a subsequent pregnancy, particularly after previous loss, or birth trauma, it can be a chance to work towards a more healing birth.

How do I learn Hypnobirthing?

I offer one-to-one sessions, predominantly virtually at the moment due to Covid-19. This means you are in the comfort of your own home which is usually where people feel the most relaxed. I can offer video sessions nationally, or even internationally.

To see the areas I cover in person take a look at my classes page.

I cover everything you need to know in a structured, interactive way and you will also receive a workbook to support your learning and practice in your own time.

I am so passionate about hypnobirthing and love to help others on their journey to achieve the most positive birth possible, and I have a very keen interest in supporting parents expecting after loss at any gestation.

Please do get in touch for an informal chat on how I might be able to support you.

I look forward to meeting you,

When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change
Marie Mongan