Charley Dixon

In 2016 I had a difficult experience in my first pregnancy which sadly resulted in a late miscarriage at 16 weeks. All I remember is feeling a lot of fear and absolutely no control over what was happening to me whilst I was in the hospital. I happened to be abroad and had the language barrier to contend with too. No one had ever actually explained to me what happens in labour and birth, I mean what really happens. I knew like everyone else that of course you ‘give birth’ to a baby, but I didn’t know anything at all about how the body achieved this. This isn’t really something anyone tells you.

I was incredibly tense, did not feel in the slightest bit calm and couldn’t have been less prepared. I had no idea then that everything I was feeling was hugely hindering my body from doing what it needed to, I was working against myself. In addition, I was also trying to deal with my feelings of grief and distress about what was happening.

So, when I fell pregnant with my daughter Emily, I knew I wanted to be prepared. I never wanted to feel that fear and lack of control again. I wanted to understand the process and what was happening and I wanted to feel relaxed about birth. This is how I found KG Hypnobirthing and it was exactly what I needed. I went into labour feeling so calm and looking forward to the birth. It didn’t go entirely to my plan as I needed to be induced but it didn’t change my outlook, I was able to easily adapt as the situation required. I had also hoped for a water birth, but my labour progressed much faster than anyone anticipated and I had no time for that in the end! I knew I had the hypnobirthing to thank for this.

I have had a keen interest in birth since my own experiences and I knew I wanted to help support others on their journey. I am a fully qualified hypnobirthing teacher with a diploma in the Katharine Graves method. I also have a degree in Paediatric Nursing which supports my understanding of biology and child development.

If you would like to find out more about what I can offer please see my KG Hypnobirthing classes, or contact me.

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Rudyard Kipling