Mother and Newborn Baby in Birthpool

Amelia’s Birth Story

I have a baby boy who is now six months old. When people have asked me how my labour went I tell them how much I recommend KGHypnobirthing. Myself and my partner took private classes and we thoroughly enjoyed them. It was great getting my partner involved in my pregnancy and giving him a role for labour which I think is so important as sometimes partners don’t know how to help. He kept me calm throughout and kept distractions and intervention to a minimum which kept me focused on my breathing and the labour.

Before labour, I had the affirmations around the house and played the tracks every night. I think this allowed me to prepare mentally for labour, as when my waters broke a couple of weeks early I didn’t panic as I knew my body was ready. Labour was the best experience of my life, and I had a water birth whilst listening to the Magic Carpet on repeat!

My labour was a quick four and a half hours total, from waters breaking to the birth of my son. I believe the audios, breathing techniques, my partner being supportive, the midwives and aromatherapy/pool all contributed to a pleasant labour experience with no pain relief and only a very small amount of tearing. I can’t recommend KGHypnobirthing enough, thank you!

Newborn Baby Feet

Arthur’s Birth Story

This was my third baby and second hypnobirthing home waterbirth. This time my baby was born all by himself. I declined all interventions, natural and medical and focused on breathing my baby down, in part helped by the fetal expulsion reflex. I was so in tune with my body and my baby, I could feel all his turns and twists as he descended through the birth canal and was then born into my hands.

Pregnant Mother in Labour
Mother and Newborn Baby

Emily’s Birth Story

As a result of persistent itching at the end of my pregnancy it was agreed that I’d be induced. After having just the pessary I got to 7cm much more quickly than anyone had anticipated and surprised everyone (including myself) that I was almost ready to deliver my baby. I had created my own little bubble on the induction ward blocking everyone else out, listening to my relaxing music, using the tens machine, a birthing ball and breathing techniques that I had learnt during the course. I felt so calm and despite not planning for an induction I just went with the flow.

Once it was realised I had progressed I was taken straight round to delivery where our baby girl was born just over an hour later. I had hoped for a water birth, but there was no time for this in the end. The last part didn’t quite go to plan as Emily was showing signs of being unhappy so I required an episiotomy and ventouse assisted delivery but I just did what I knew was best for my baby.

I definitely believe the hypnobirthing helped me move quickly through the induction process, as afterwards several midwives commented on how unusual it was for labour to progress so fast during induction. Despite the concerns towards the end, I remained calm and the birth was a positive experience which I enjoyed.