These in-person private classes can take place in the comfort of your own home in Portsmouth, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Your own home is the perfect setting as is the place many mothers feel most relaxed.

If preferred/not in my catchment area, private teacher-led classes can be delivered over a video call. 

If you have a pregnant friend with whom you’d like to join forces with to learn together then please let me know, as I can offer a discount on the per couple rate shown below.

For in-person classes I cover Portsmouth, Fareham (Hampshire) and all the surrounding areas. 

Parents Expecting Baby Girl

One-to-One - Full Course

4 sessions – up to 10 hours

This is a comprehensive one-to-one course, including ongoing phone/email support for the remainder of your pregnancy.

This course can also be tailored if this is you are expecting a rainbow baby (see Rainbow baby Courses).

Remain motivated and be supported in achieving the best possible birth for you and your baby. 

Interactive workbook and relaxation scripts

See below for the full course content

Sessions can be booked for times that suit you

Contact me today to reserve your space.

£295 total

Toddler Hugging Mother's Pregnant Tummy

Refresher Courses

1 session – 2-3 hours

Ideal if you have previously completed a full hypnobirthing course.

We will re-cap essential course points, but also can tailor the session to what you might like to cover.

Contact me today to reserve your space.

£95 total

Course Content (Full Courses)

The power of the mind

Breathing techniques



Confidence building and releasing fear

The anatomy and physiology of labour and birth

How the birth partner can be involved

Navigating the NHS system

Interventions, your rights and risks/benefits

Birth proposal/preference planning

Support to keep you motivated, engaged and achieve the best possible birth

Guide to practicing in your own time

Ongoing phone and email support after the course has finished

Rosie's Birth Story

I have a baby boy who is now six months old. When people have asked me how my labour went I tell them how much I recommend hypnobirthing. Myself and my partner took private classes and we thoroughly enjoyed them. It was great getting my partner involved in my pregnancy and giving him a role for labour which I think is so important as sometimes partners don’t know how to help. He kept me calm throughout and kept distractions and intervention to a minimum which kept me focused on my breathing and the labour.

Before labour, I had the affirmations around the house and played the tracks every night. I think this allowed me to prepare mentally for labour, as when my waters broke a couple of weeks early I didn’t panic as I knew my body was ready. Labour was the best experience of my life, and I had a water birth whilst listening to a relaxation on repeat!

My labour was a quick four and a half hours total, from waters breaking to the birth of my son. I believe the audios, breathing techniques, my partner being supportive, the midwives and aromatherapy/pool all contributed to a pleasant labour experience with no pain relief and only a very small amount of tearing. I can’t recommend hypnobirthing enough, thank you!

Mother and Newborn Baby in Birthpool