No, not at all. The hypnobirthing courses are designed to arm you with the knowledge on how your body works to facilitate birth, as well as a toolbox of techniques that you can use to help relieve fears and promote relaxation. This in turn can positively influence how you feel during labour, and may mean you feel you don’t need, or want to use any drugs. However, various drug options and birthing options are available to you and my courses will help you to feel empowered to make informed choices, whilst having the tools to remain as calm as possible in the face of any unexpected challenges.

You can start at any stage, the earlier you begin the more time you have to practice the techniques learnt. Many women choose to begin during their second trimester. It is never too late to start though, you can learn the course material and techniques at any time and it will be beneficial.

Absolutely! You can still gain all the same benefits as somebody using this method for their first baby.

Yes you can. A lot of material is covered within the course and if this is the first time you have joined a hypnobirthing class you are likely to find you learn a lot of new information and techniques you didn’t previously know.

You will still benefit from all of the information and techniques provided within the classes no matter the presentation of your baby.

Partners are welcome to join and are actively encouraged to be a part of the journey. There are lots of things your birth partner can do to help during labour, birth and also the remainder of your pregnancy.

Yes. All the information and techniques provided will positively help your labour and birth regardless of whether you are alone or with a partner.

If you have had a difficult appointment, feel overwhelmed, pressured, or just want general advice then you are always welcome to access support by phone or email at any point throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

The rainbow baby courses are desgined for anyone who suffered the loss of a baby. This could be as a result of miscarriage at any stage, ectopic, stillbirth and TFMR. The course content will be tailored to suit you.

No. I am aware that some people may wish to keep their pregnancy experience as ‘normal’ as possible and may not wish to discuss, or disclose previous experiences. If you would prefer to book the standard course then please do.

Yes. 10% of the Rainbow Baby Course profits are split between Sands (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity) and Cedar Oak, a charity local to Inspired Mama providing counselling services to those who have suffered the loss of a baby.