If you are expecting a rainbow baby / baby after a previous loss, then this version of my hypnobirthing course might be for you. My courses are suitable whether you have been through miscarriage at any stage, stillbirth, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and TFMR.

Being pregnant with a rainbow baby can sometimes mean that not only do you have all the same concerns and worries as someone who has not experienced loss, but also have the additional worries that can come with having experienced loss.

The following are some of the extras that are included in the rainbow baby course compared to the standard course content:

  • Adapted relaxation scripts
  • Adapted positive affirmations
  • How to respond to difficult questions
  • Adapting a birth proposal
  • Safe space to talk about your past experiences, worries and fears if you wish
  • Rainbow Baby Gift bag
  • Signposting to other resources/professionals (if required)
  • 10% of course profits will be donated to Charity. This will be split between Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) and Cedar Oak, a charity local to Inspired Mama providing counselling services to those who are coping with miscarriage, stillbirth and TFMR.

My main motivation for creating this version of the course was that I did not want parents expectant after previous loss to feel that there wasn’t a suitable antenatal option available.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like a free informal chat then please do get in contact by email.

Rainbow Baby Private Course

4 sessions – Approx. 8-10 hours

This is a comprehensive one-to-one course, including ongoing phone/email support for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Work towards a positive birth experience, no matter how, or where the birth takes place.

Interactive & engaging parent workbook and relaxation scripts.

See below for the standard full course content

To secure your place, contact me today

£295 total

Rainbow Baby Refresher/Short Course

1 session – Approx. 2-3 hours

If you have already completed a hypnobirthing course in the past and feel you don’t need to cover all of the content again then this might be the option for you.

This session will re-cap some of the key elements of the full course, but also give you the space and time to talk about anything you may be worried about. It can very much be tailored to what you need.

A interactive workbook and relaxation will be provided so that you have something to continue using in your own time. 

To secure you place, contact me today

£95 total

Course Content (Full Courses)​

The power of the mind

Breathing techniques



Confidence building and releasing fear

The anatomy and physiology of labour and birth

How the birth partner can be involved

Navigating the NHS system

Interventions, your rights and risks/benefits

Birth proposal/preference planning

Support to keep you motivated, engaged and achieve the best possible birth

Guide to practicing in your own time

Ongoing phone and email support after the course has finished

Emily's Birth Story

We lost our first baby, Sophia, when I was 16 weeks pregnant and then suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks a few months later. When I became pregnant for the 3rd time, I was so anxious. I am so grateful I found hypnobirthing to help give me something to focus on other than my anxiety, and it also really helped to give me moments of calm and peace during my pregnancy.

When I reached 40+4 in this pregnancy I agreed to an induction as I had severe itching which had become unbearable. After having the 2nd pessary I got to 7cm within a few hours, this was much quicker than anyone had anticipated and I surprised everyone (including myself) that I was almost ready to deliver my baby. I had created my own little bubble on the induction ward blocking everyone else out, listening to my relaxing music, using the tens machine, a birthing ball and breathing techniques that I had learnt during the course. I felt so calm and despite not planning for an induction I just went with the flow.

Once it was realised I had progressed I was taken straight round to delivery where our baby girl was born just over an hour later. I had hoped for a water birth, but there was no time for this in the end. The last part didn’t quite go to plan as Emily was showing signs of being unhappy so I required an episiotomy and ventouse assisted delivery but I just did what I knew was best for my baby.

I definitely believe the hypnobirthing helped me move quickly and calmly through the induction process, as afterwards several midwives commented on how unusual it was for labour to progress so fast during induction. Despite the concerns towards the end, I remained calm and the birth was a positive experience which I enjoyed. This was something I’d really needed after my prior experiences.

Mother and Newborn Baby
I quickly discovered on my journey through pregnancy after loss that I could either walk the path filled with hope, or crawl on my knees through fear. Both lead to the same destination, but one was bearable and the other was not
Zoe Clark-Coates